[Need Advice] My cousin now says he doesn’t believe in God’s existence anymore. : islam

I am a born Muslim, in a very religious family Alhamdulillah. Same for my cousin as well (his father is my mother’s brother)

He is having some mental trouble for the past 3-4 years. He is 24 or 25, about my age. He is on some meds, he has gone very obese due to these, and he is basically sitting idle and unemployed for those years as well, wasting his time on Netflix and games, etc. He is the oldest brother, but his younger brother is doing quite well, he recently completed his studies and got a decent job in an MNC.

Anyways, I had my suspicions for the last few weeks, but he just told me today in private that he doesn’t believe in God. He sent me a lot of Stephen Hawking articles and whatnot. And told me to keep it a secret.

The sad part is his late father, who died 6-7 years ago, was an extremely religious person and a devoted Muslim. He honestly taught me a lot of things related to Islam. May Allah grant him Jannat.

The saddest part is yet to come, that is my cousin was a Hafiz. He himself was a very devoted boy, who learned all the Quran by heart, and I remember his recitation was very beautiful. Honestly, this breaks my heart. I’m not very close to him but I seriously cannot think of another thing.

Now I don’t consider myself as someone who has good knowledge of Islam. I’m still learning, and I am improving myself, but I don’t have enough knowledge to even know how to start a conversation with him to bring him back to Islam. I really want to. I’m not sure whether to pass this information to his mother, or brother, or some adult because he was quite serious not to disclose this information.

I need your advice, please. Jazakallah.

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