Muslims murder at least six people in jihad suicide bombing outside mosque

Muslims murder at least six people in jihad suicide bombing

To me these acts of muslim violence are barefaced islam, without all the shilling and lies that try to conceal the truth. Their terrorism is a testament to both their indoctrination and their aims. Islam has little if anything to do with setting a good example for humanity or spreading ideas of peace, love, or godly wisdom. And the reason is obvious in my mind, the bulk of islamic doctrines consist of supremacist ideas of the bigoted kind. If allah and MO weren’t killing they was terrorizing, and if not terrorizing then intimidating, and if not that then conspiring the death of unbelievers–AS MUSLIMS DO TODAY. There is no honey-pot of wise teaching in islam that will draw others unto itself. It relies primarily on blunt force intimidation to compel compliance with its beliefs, and those who resist risk death or annihilation. And what little good it does offer is like a thin veneer of frosting over a huge and sinister underlayer of hate, bigotry, and murder. Islam shouldn’t be allowed to grow and spread any more than a raping serial killer should be allowed to roam the streets. We have a moral obligation to prevent the impestuous teachings of islam from causing anymore undue harm to our society and our nation. As Geert Wilders often famously says, “Enough is enough.” I coudn’t agree more. There’s been enough bigotry, rape, and murder, for islam. Now is the time for the light of reason to gain control, and restore order in a world of chaos for islam.

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