Muslims Assault Christian Woman for Criticizing Islam

Tricks of the dawah trade;what they won’t be telling you.

{Caveat Emptor!}

1]islam has a DEATH PENALTY for ‘apostasy’

“If somebody discards his religion KILL him”
Sahih Bukhari vol 4 bk 52 no 260

They persecute ex-muslims and atheists and converts to christianity from islam.

2]”Lo! I am the slave of allah.he hath given me the scripture and appointed me a prophet”
koran 19:30
{Sometimes seen on dawah booths to lure in naive christians}

This is Jesus in the koran muslims insist:But…
a]It isn’t JEWISH Jesus;it is the fake muslim one.
b]It is a baby in a crib speaking like an adult{see previous line koran 19;29 and context koran 19:22-34}

3]islam respects Jesus

[the REAL Jesus is JEWISH(John 4 v 22):the koran CURSES Jews koran 9:30 and in koran 2:65 says the Jews are “To be despised and hated”

4]allah’s greatest enemy?

A MAN called the King of Kings{Sahih Muslim vol 5 hadith #5611} or..
if you like Jesus Christ …the HAGIA SOPHIA[Divine wisdom]

5]Christians and Jews{the People of the Book} are “the WORST of created beings” {koran 98:6}But ironically the people of the book subscribe to the law of Moses and the teachings of the prophets.The people of the koran think they do but they don’t:the koran does NOT follow the same law that is in the Bible{a book allah tells muslisms to consult koran 10:94}

6]Bearing FALSE WITNESS to promote islam is a koranically-sanctioned activity {koran 3:28}

Taqqiya,Tawriya,Taysin,Muruna,Darura,kitman are all dissembling tricks used:look them up.

7]the dawah folk will be defending their god allah{“the BEST of deceiver’s” koran 3;54}and their ‘prophet’
{self confessed false prophet al tabari 6;111}and their HOLEY koran.

It is sort of like trying to sell you a square tire hoping you won’t notice it isn’t round.

8]music,musical instruments,art,bacon,Beer are haram…
Good luck asking the muslims to tell you about the arts on islam.

Stay away from islam/get a hobby/do something else with your life:you don’t need this cult!

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