Muslim threatens to murder ex-Muslim and his family “live on TV, in front of everyone” for criticizing Islam

“If somebody discards his religion KILL him”
Sahih Bukhari 4:52:260

Well done to any MURTADS{“Apostates”}from islam;that is seriously impressive.

It’s not easy.I know the abuse ex-muslims get:the parody accounts,the muslims posting videos of all the ‘debates’ they won,tHE ferocious ad hominems,the threats to your family and pets.

{I see the excellent Apostate Prophet’s video on You Tube ‘scientific mistakes in the koran’ has been banned by the insistence of …Pakistan}

And to those angry muslims who attack ex-muslims I have something to say about muhammed the ‘perfect’ man:you don’t have to believe me.These are YOUR islamic sources.


WAS a..

FAT,CROSS-DRESSING,ILLITERATE,POLYGAMOUS,PEDOPHILE* who admitted he was a false prophet{Is that islam’s concept of the ‘perfect’ man?}

And he had a MAGICAL WINGED FLYING DONKEY with a woman’s face.
And we know muhammed fabricated that because he admitted he liked to make things up.

“I have fabricated things against God and imputed to him things he has not said”
Al Tabari 6:111

*islamic sources which confirm this astonishing revelation..

Abu Dawud 40:4731 muhammed didn’t look anything like Hercules{‘ the prophet is fat and..”}

Pedophile mo:
Musnad ahmad 16245 muhammed sucking the tongue of a little boy Hasan/
Sahih Bukhari 5:58:236 Aisha’s 9 year old ‘wife’ deflowered and raped by muhammed

Sahih Bukhari 1:5:268 polygamy mo..
Sahih Bukhari 54:7:2442 mo the cross-dresser{note:muslim apologists fiddle the Arabic}

“And all allah’s ‘scholars’ and all allah’s men
couldn’t put the koran back together again”

Now that the cat is out of the bag about the Holey Koran

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