Muslim Special Forces soldier fired, charged with Islamic jihadist sympathies

Is Islam unfairly mischaracterized as a warrior cult? Is jihadism … called ‘extremism’ by Western politicians … a misinterpretation of Islam? Jihad often involves suicidal attacks. Perhaps the Muslim soldier will decide to seek instant paradise by turning on the German troops and supporting the jihadists in a hostage situation!

Koran 48.29 “Muhammad is the messenger of Allah; Those with him are VIOLENT (ashiddaa’) against the disbelievers (kufaar); Compassionate amongst themselves.”

The above verse is the motivation of the jihadist. Islam’s goal is the political supremacism of Muslims over disbelievers by whatever means possible, including violence, extortion, enslavement, genocide, rape or deception. Deception is what the German army should be concerned about.

A Muslim in a special forces operation would be a risk to all personnel. The suspicion and distrust would not be tolerable. Soldiers could not be expected to perform their best with such uncertainty. Doubt would cause soldiers to perform less well and endanger everyone.

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