Muslim migrant ‘Swede of the Year’ found to have hounded Jews and gays online for years

How does one distinguish from genuinely moderate Muslims who sincerely desire to integrate into Western society from Islamic supremacists and jihadists? No one has ever satisfactorily answered that question, as there is no institutional distinction between them in Muslim communities: there isn’t an “extremist mosque” on one corner and a “moderate mosque” on the next corner, like a Baptist church and a Catholic church on a street, and there are numerous instances of jihadis operating freely within Muslim communities without being put out of their mosques. After a Muslim who supported the Islamic State shot a police officer in Philadelphia, the local mosque leaders initially denied knowing him, but then it turned out they were lying, and the jihadi attended the mosque frequently. The same thing happened after jihadis attacked our free speech event in Garland, Texas: the mosque they attended in Phoenix denied knowing them, but it turned out they were regular members. And just recently, a Muslim migrant in Germany who was hailed as “Ambassador of Saxony” for being a successful model of integration beat a woman to death.

How can this sort of thing be prevented, and moderates welcomed while jihadis are kept out? This cannot be done, and so instead, those who ask the question are smeared as “bigots” and “Islamophobes.”

“‘Swede of the Year’ hounded Jews and gays online,” translated from “‘Schwede des Jahres’ hetzte im Netz gegen Juden und Schwule,” UnserTirol24, October 16, 2020 (thanks to Medforth):

The unanimous good reputation of Hamid Zafar, who was named “Swede of the Year” in 2018, seems to be crumbling. The Afghan, celebrated as a symbol of integration, is said to have hounded Jews and homosexuals online for years.

The reports about the supposed double life of Zafar have caused horror in the Swedish media ever since they were published. The Afghan is known nationwide and has campaigned for the integration of young people with a migrant background on various levels for several years. Hamid Zafar was also employed as an expert on extremist Islam.

In the meantime, Zafar showed his true colors under the supposed protection of anonymity. “Zionist donkey” or “Zionist dog” are terms that he used on a Twitter account. When he argued with a former member of the Social Democrats in the Swedish Parliament about the Breivik assassination attempt, he is said to have written to the politician: “Will we see you begging and praying on your poor Jewish knees?”

In order to spread his crude theories online, the “Swede of the Year” used several pseudonyms. The Muslim is also said to have run his own blogs, in which Jews and homosexuals were hounded. He also accused the Swedish Church there of being steeped in “sodomy”. Curiously, Zafar used to work as a religion teacher himself.

The revelations by the Swedish media did not come without consequences for Hamid Zafar. Several contracts were terminated and an already-planned TV appearance with him was canceled.

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