Muslim migrant says he’s proud of trying to honor-murder ex-wife, ‘women have too many rights in Finland’

Here is yet another example of a Muslim migrant bringing his cultural attitudes and assumptions, which are rooted in Islam’s teachings about women and their status and rights, to his new home in the West. No attempt is made in Finland or anywhere else to encourage migrant assimilation. Consequently, the atomization and balkanization of Finnish society, and societies all over the West, is a virtual certainty. After that will come civil strife on a scale never previously imagined.

“A man who tried to honor-kill his ex-wife in Kuopio was proud of his bloodshed when speaking to the police – ‘Women have too many rights in Finland,’” translated from “Ex-vaimonsa kunniamurhaa Kuopiossa yrittänyt mies ylpeili veriteollaan poliisille – ‘Naisilla on Suomessa liikaa oikeuksia,’” by Sanni Mattila, MTV Uutiset, October 13, 2020 (thanks to Tundra Tabloids):

A 39-year-old Afghan man was charged with attempted murder in the Pohjois-Savo District Court on Monday. The man did not accept the divorce situation and decided to take revenge on his ex-wife.

The bloodshed took place in Kuopio at the beginning of May in the middle of the street from the early afternoon. The man had traveled from Jämsä to Kuopio to meet the children of the ex-couple.

The man arrived in the city with a bicycle and a ten-centimeter fruit knife. The place and time of the meeting had been agreed in advance, but according to the prosecution, the man rode his bicycle about a mile from the meeting place in search of a woman.

Eventually, the man saw the woman and rode to her on his bike. He tried to get the woman’s phone because he wanted to know who the woman had talked to. The ex-wife did not give up her phone voluntarily, so the man attacked the woman.

According to the charge, the man stabbed his ex-wife with a knife in the back, upper body and neck area several times. In addition, he stabbed the woman’s hand, head and body.

The woman fell to the ground, but the man continued.

The 31-year-old victim suffered life-threatening injuries that required surgical treatment on various parts of the body. The act was interrupted when the knife blade got stuck in the woman’s spinal canal and broke.

The bystanders had time. The woman got to the hospital in time and survived.

According to the prosecutor, it was revenge. The background was a divorce situation that the man did not accept. The change in life involved events that the man felt had offended him in his honor and culture. He felt that a woman had taken his honor, and that was the worst thing a woman could do to a man in his culture.

The man felt that despite the divorce, he had the right to know who the woman was talking to or dealing with. In his opinion, women were given too many rights in Finland, and his ex-wife had taken advantage of this situation.

During the interrogations, the man stated that he did not regret his actions, but was proud of them. He considered it justified to attack the woman and admitted his actions….

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