Muslim migrant gets 28 years for hammer attack on police at Notre Dame Cathedral

Despite the regular stream of violent jihadist incidents in the West and worldwide, too many Westerners refuse to call out the supremacist hate and violence among all too many Muslims; instead, they obsess about “white supremacism” and long-past “colonialism.”

“Paris court jails man for 28 years for 2017 hammer attack at Notre Dame Cathedral,” Associated Press, October 14, 2020:

PARIS — A Paris court on Wednesday jailed an Algerian man for 28 years after convicting him of attempted terrorist murder for attacking police guarding Notre Dame Cathedral with a hammer in 2017, crying: “This is for Syria!”

The assault by Farid Ikken, now 43, ioutside one of France’s most-visited monuments came after a string of Islamic extremist attacks around France in 2015-2016, and was among multiple violent acts targeting security forces.

In the Notre Dame incident, one police officer was lightly injured, and Ikken — a former doctoral student — was shot and wounded by officers. At least 600 people were trapped inside the 12th century cathedral while police secured the surrounding streets and combed the pews.

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