Muslim cleric says Israel’s “end is near,” quotes Qur’an in calling for destruction of Jewish state

“Israel’s end is near” says the islamic holey man quoting from his holey book.

Yes indeed,let us look at the koran….

Here is a quote from the koran..allah’s ‘holy’ book:-

“And if thou muhamed are in doubt concerning that which We reveal unto thee,then question those who read the scripture that was before”
Koran 10:94

allah CONFIRMS the Bible koran 3:3 :and what is in that Bible that allah confirms?
{muslims say the Bible is corrupted but there is no evidence for that and since they can never hope to prove it they must accept koran 3:3.the Bible cannot be corrupted as it has the PRESENCE of the Holy Spirit whereas the koran has the ABSENCE of the Holy Spirit.muslim ‘scholars’ cannot see that:in fact you would need the HS to see the HS is missing in the koran along with all the errors and omissions like the Golden Rule etc}

what does the BIBLE say about all this,the book allah tells muhammed to consult?

Let us consult the Bible{which remember allah CONFIRMS k3:3} on allah’s recommendation to learn all about….

Biblical Prophecy.

Since this requires a particular Wisdom this won’t make sense to atheists,muslims,lefties globalists or even to naive Dhimmi Christians{who are too busy being the foolish bridesmaids of Matthew chpt 25}
It should make sense to Christians who understand the need to have ‘oil for their lamps’ and hopefully religiously observant Jews who are worried about Israel’s future{Biblical scholars can greatly assist in these times}

“No one can explain by himself a prophecy in scriptures.For no prophetic message ever came just from the will of men but men were under control of the Holy Spirit as they spoke the message that came from God”
2 Peter 1 v 20-21

Biblical Prophecies cannot be in error as they come through the HS{an aspect of God that allah,please note,MISSED}that is, ALL prophecies{OT AND NT}

When you hear the enemies of Israel talking about destroying Israel..

Book of Joel 3,Ezekiel 38,Zecharaiah 14{note v 12:it is really not a good idea to go against Israel..}

The muslims have their god allah the champion deceiver k3:54{the god who says Jews are to be despised and hated {koran 2:65} and Jews and Christians are the ‘WORST of created beings ‘ {koran 98:6} which is clearly NOT the Biblical YHWH}

But YHWH,for those who understand Biblical Prophecy{which requires a particular type of Wisdom} has other plans which YHWH has kindly told us about{note Joel 3 v 2,v 9-11}
This is REAL authentic,spirit-guided wisdom:REAL prophecy.
islamic ‘prophecy’ in contrast,is laughably wrong and false as allah the champion deceiver missed{accidently or more likely intentionally}MISSED the source of prophecy which is what Christians call the Holy Spirit.{In islamic ‘prophecy’ Jesus isn’t even Jewish,but a muslim of course}

In relation to Israel ,in prophetic symbolism,even if goliath now seems bigger than before and there was to be a rematch,David isn’t losing.

Read prophetic sources if you are a religiously observant Jew or Christian{it won’t make any sense to muslims as they follow the wrong god and they cannot even see it} and remember that the allah of islam is NOT the YHWH of the Bible.

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