Man tells Henda Ayari, woman who accused Tariq Ramadan of rape, that he’ll “make her pay for her complaint against Ramadan”

But who is the victim?

The complainant or the accused?

Tariq Ramadan is being prosecuted for several rapes and sexual assaults. He is free, placed under judicial control.

Since filing her complaint, Henda Ayari has been regularly harassed; she is subjected to intimidation, insults, and more serious, physical assaults.

The most recent took place last Wednesday, May 6.

A man who recognized her ran into her in a car, insulted her and threatened her with, in his words, “make her pay for her complaint against Tariq Ramadan.”

As was the case, a few months earlier, the police quickly intervened, the attacker was able to be arrested and placed in police custody.

Since filing a complaint against Tariq Ramadan, Henda has lived in anxiety and fear of assault on each street outing. She was forced to stop working for fear of being recognized and facing further assaults.

So who is the real victim?

“Intellectuals” have just spread once again in a platform relayed by Médiapart. They appeal to the Minister of Justice alone to “stop” the unjustified prosecutions “against Professor Tariq Ramadan”.

And invoked the Zionist conspiracy, racism and Islamophobia as the main responsible for the misfortunes of their protégé …

Inversion of values, inversion of poles: Ramadan victim? And so the plaintiffs are guilty? So would these intellectuals hold the truth? Justice would henceforth be done by means of petitions and not before the courts?

No !

We, the signatories, call for the exercise of impartial justice.

We appeal to the respect and protection of the complainants, particularly Henda Ayari, who is the only one to have complained without resorting to anonymity.

Since filing her complaint, she has lived under the yoke of daily threats, permanent harassment on social networks, on the street by repeated and increasingly violent assaults for far too long.

Tariq Ramadan meanwhile continues to spread lies and slander against her, which contributes to spread hatred and the desire for revenge on the part of his many admirers, which is very serious because it is a way of asking him a target in the back, in order to indirectly provoke physical and moral aggression against Henda.

It is time to stop shouting at the conspiracy which indirectly justifies criminal conduct!

We call for respect for each other’s culture and religious convictions.

Religious convictions which have nothing to do with the “case” here, since Tariq Ramadan is not being accused for being Muslim or accused of having such or such conviction, no, Tariq Ramadan is accused of rape! Only the independent justice system in this country is able to rule on this matter, no one else. Neither Tariq Ramadan, nor his supporters, nor even his community, and even less by the violence and intimidation towards the complainants.

Are we going to wait, as for Charlie Hebdo, for the worst to happen, or will our intellectuals react properly this time and defend the complainants who find themselves, for having appealed to the justice of their country, in danger of death?

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