Jailed Muslim migrant screams ‘Allahu akbar’ at other prisoners, threatens to murder guards

“All I ask is that I be moved to a new prison and sent back to my country.”

Hey, now that sounds like a plan.

“Niort. Young Afghan convicted of death threats against prison guards,” translated from “Niort. Un jeune Afghan condamné pour menaces de mort sur ses gardiens de prison,” la Nouvelle République, October 15, 2020 (thanks to Will):

Already sentenced with a committal warrant on August 5 by the same court for violence and death threats, a young Afghan refugee, Bilal Rizai, was questioned yesterday regarding death threats, during his detention, on five guards at the Niort jail between August 5 and October 12. “You threatened one of them that you would put out his eye with a pen,” said the presiding judge. “You are accused of banging on your cell door asking for tobacco or of going mad with rage because your cell light bulb was burnt out.” The court asks him to explain.

“I behave well with those who respect me,” replies the translator for the young Afghan. “But in jail they spit on you and throw urine on you. That’s why I complain to the wardens. They can’t hear me. All I ask is that I be moved to a new prison and sent back to my country. No one here is looking after me. ”

He is also accused of shouting “Allah Akbar!” from the courtyard at detainees. He denies this. The psychiatric analysis speaks of a man who presents neither psychosis nor neurosis, only a feeling of persecution. He arrived in France over a year and a half ago and was reportedly jailed in Kabul not long before, for armed violence.

The court sentenced him to six more months in prison and ordered his continued detention. He must also pay € 600 to each of the guards in compensation for their receiving the threats and € 100 for legal costs.

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