“It is the end of your reign, America!”

Thanks for that link, curious george.

Few in history have been as wise (and competent) as George Washington. Of course, this will be lost on the rabble tearing down monuments, which is “merely,” however sad and stupid, the physical manifestation of tearing down America—and by extension the West. This rabble also knows nothing of history or, even worse, think they do and distort it to its sophomoric ends. It’s the March of the Morons in our time and indicative of how fragile civilization really is.

As for the theocratic thugs who run Iran, or any thugs for that matter—like so many Western Leftists and the standard and secular authoritarian thugs such as those running China and Russia, if you hate traditional America and want its demise, and many do, your moral compass is so broken that it is almost certainly beyond repair.

To hate America is to hate what humanity at its best can achieve. It is to be aligned with the deepest of darknesses and, respecting such darkness, enlightened religions like Christianity and Judaism for centuries, if not millennia, have associated with some kind of actually existent malevolent force—and which secular humanists like myself (but only the secular humanists who can appreciate Margaret Thatcher’s assertion that the facts of life are conservative) see as a manifestation of the greatest bane to afflict mankind, i.e., ignorance.

Well, whether some kind of spiritual iniquity or profound ignorance, the effects from these two curses pretty much add up to the same result, i.e, bad news and much tragedy and death for mankind.

Don’t think Antifa, BLM, the Democratic Party of the USA, the EU, academics aplenty, the current media aplenty, oh, and Joe Biden too, get any of this.

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