Is Vanilla Extract Haram? : islam

It has come to my attention that vanilla extract contains a significant amount of alcohol inside it. From what I’ve seen, the FDA in the US requires the alcohol content used to be “not less than 35 percent”

Based on this, would foods containing vanilla extract be haram to consume? I’ve heard an argument from my father that the alcohol evaporates during the heating process of the food, but that doesn’t apply to foods that are prepared without heating. This includes:


-Some frosting recipes

-Custards(some recipes call for the extract to be added after heating)

-Vanilla yoghurts

-Vanilla puddings

-Ice cream

Of course, these are only the foods I can currently remember that contain the extract, and I believe there are more. Seeing as a significant amount of foods contain vanilla extract, which needs to be 35% alcohol by legal regulation, is it (and the foods that contain it, by association) haram to consume?


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