In the Islam men bears all responsibility : islam

Got a discussion with my wife about responsibilities in a couple and she was complaining that women have many obligations ect….

I’m a married men and tried to follow the rules of our religion the best as i can but i’m faced with so many obligations.

I’m the one who is working, i’m the one who provide everything in our house, i’m the one who bears responsibility if my wife and children commit a sin (that’s a big one). So i understand why my father was strict with us about salat and respecting the religion.

I’m not asking what she do with her money, she is free to do what she want.

I’m not complaining but when i ask my wife to fulfill her conjugal duty she complain and find some excuses….

So when non muslim tell me that women in our religion are slaves for their men, i tell them that they are all wrong!

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