If we ‘liberate Palestine,’ we will ‘uproot’ synagogues and their people, ‘throw them into the sea’

Yet there are mosques all over Israel. The hatred and intolerance are all on one side, while the international media and international political organizations persist in insisting that it is all on the other.

“Jordanian Professor Ahmad Nofal Justifies Erdogan’s Decision To Turn Hagia Sophia Into A Mosque, Adds: When We Liberate Palestine, We Will Uproot The Synagogues And the Jews And Throw Them Into The Sea,” MEMRI, July 17, 2020:

Jordanian professor Ahmad Nofal said on his weekly show, aired on July 17, 2020, on the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood’s channel Yarmouk TV, that Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who had turned the Hagia Sophia mosque into a museum was, in fact, a Greek Dönmeh Jew. Later in the show, Nofal said that when the Arabs liberate Palestine, they will not leave the synagogues intact, but they will uproot them and throw them into the sea along with the Jews.

Ahmad Nofal: “[Hagia Sophia] has been a mosque for 500 years, until the collaborator [Ataturk turned it into a museum]. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk had been a Dönmeh Jew from Greece. He wasn’t even a Turk. He was a Greek who lived in the Jewish Quarter in Istanbul.


“If we liberate Palestine tomorrow, will be leave the Jewish synagogues intact? No! We will uproot them, along with their people, and throw them into the sea. Allah willing, it will be soon.”

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