Honest question for eastern/african muslims.

This is a genuine curiosity of mine, see, I’m from the west and in the last few centuries it’s clear that the world has had an influence shift towards us. See, most of the technological advancements have been made in the (cultural) west, and even though this balance has been shifting with countries like China and India, it’s still quite obvious that the living standards in the west are way superior to that in the east and in Africa. As Eastern and African Muslims, how’s your view about that? How is it like for you to see thriving western countries creating advancements culturally dominating others while arguably places dominated by eastern values are struggling way more?

Just a few disclaimers here: I’m not trying to mock, provoque or attack any of you, I really want your point of view in history. I learned in school how arabic, persian and egyptian cultures were so dominant centuries ago, but now they’re not as important as they once were. Also, the europeans powers conquered half the world just by themselves, there’s no doubt that they had and still have technological advantages over most eastern countries.

Why West X East/Africa Because the West has a christian majority and Islam is more present in the Eastern and African spheres. Honestly I’m not even asking this question because you’re Muslim, but because most muslim aren’t from the west so I assume this is one of the best places to ask it.

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