“History of Jihad author Robert Spencer knocks it out of the park again”

Chris Salcedo is the host of The Chris Salcedo Show on Newsmax TV. He is the author of the Ayn Rand–style novel Liberty Rises and the executive director of The Conservative Hispanic Society. Here is his review of my new book Rating America’s Presidents.

History of Jihad author Robert Spencer knocks it out of the park again,” by Chris Salcedo, American Thinker, September 5, 2020:

The problems that bedevil our nation today have deep roots; in fact, few are aware of just how deep they really are. The rioters rampaging in Portland and elsewhere didn’t spring out of nowhere, nor did they come together spontaneously out of outrage at America’s alleged “systemic racism.” The hatred for President Trump, as heated and hysterical as it is, also has precedents and root causes that go back generations, as do the controversies over tariffs, immigration, and international agreements that have marked his tenure as president. Few people, however, know the historical background of all this, which mars their understanding and analysis of current events.

It is perfectly understandable that most people wouldn’t know this background. American history has been de-emphasized in the government-run schools. Democrat-socialists are terribly afraid Americans will learn from it. A society that is well versed in history is an obstacle to the left’s ongoing determination to make Americans ashamed of being American. So with control over the schools, the left portrays our history as an unbroken record of racism, slavery, white supremacism, colonialism, imperialism, and an assortment of other fashionable leftist sins (George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were no doubt also guilty of transphobia and misgendering).  There has been precious little pushback from patriots who still remember when standing for the National Anthem was taken for granted as good and right, and everyone knew, and was even taught in school, that America is the best country in the world: the most free, the most humane, the most decent.

It was even widely understood, in less enlightened days than those in which we have the privilege to live, that America’s prosperity was a result of her decency: the fact that there was no culture of corruption among the political class, the respect for the Constitution on both sides of the aisle, and the determination of at least one political party to secure equality of rights for all people, even during the darkest days of the Jim Crow era.

Historian Robert Spencer, author of The History of Jihad and numerous other books, harks back to that earlier understanding of America’s history in his new book, Rating America’s Presidents: An America-First Look at Who Is Best, Who Is Overrated, and Who Was An Absolute Disaster. This is much more than just a survey of the occupants of the Oval Office; it is a repossession of American history from the left, and a thoroughgoing and comprehensive repudiation and refutation of the idea that America’s chief defining characteristics for nearly two centuries now have been racism and inequality….

There is much more. Read the rest here.

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