Hey Muslims, Selamunaleykum. I’m very confused at religion so I’ll be very happy if you can help. : islam

First of all my english is not good so sorry for that.

I found this sub recently, just scrolling down a bit and I think you guys are mostly from US or EU or some other secular countries. But mostly US.

I’m from a country which most of its population is muslim. (I don’t want to give name due to following reasons) And until 20 years ago, my country was a secular country too. But with new millenium and new government, country became more religious country day by day. By the saying “more religious country” I’m not refering more muslim people, I am saying more religious government style took place.

You may have wonder what is more religious government style, or Islamic government. It is simply the type of ruling system that non-muslim people is seen as secondary citizens and muslims have priviliges. In this system non-muslims or even muslims that don’t pious as others facing great obstacles in life.

I mean great, great obstacles. If you are not believe what they believe or believe but not strict as they are, your lifestyle is seen as a threat. For them your life even doesn’t matter. Police and all government forces dont care about you or your family. You want to start bussines, they make it harder just for you.

Now I’m asking Muslims who are living in US or EU, is this sound familiar to you? Isn’t this exactly what you are going through over there? Oppression and assimilation.

And you cay say that. This is just your fu government this is not us, who muslims are. And I can say Muslim majority is so happy because in the last 20 years more the government became cruel, they got more votes. Muslim majority believe, with the gradual ending of secularism, they can finally find a chance to live their religion. This is what they believe.

And I can tell you this is backfiring nowadays. Today, Islam lost its underdog card. We can able to see it on the rule level, and it’s not the paradise on earth. Actually it is the exact opposite. Now new generations, for seeing this cruelity, are becoming less religious. Atheist numbers in population rising rapidly. And I think I’m Atheist too.

I didn’t learn islam like this. The Islam I was taught is revolutionary, and its prophet is a revolutionarist, sound of oppressed of the world. Not the justification of such oppressings.

I’m sorry I didn’t planned this writing too long :). I’m geniunely wondering your thoughts on this subject. Peace✌️

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