HBO Max Buries Mohammed South Park Episodes Alongside Gone With the Wind

If muslims take offense at cartoons or animations of muhammed:how about muhammed’s magical winged flying donkey with a woman’s face and a peacock tail called buraq?

Is it ok to draw that:I mean it wouldn’t ridicule perfect mo would it,flying around the clouds on his obviously made-up flying donkey, visiting a mosque that didn’t even exist in mo’s time{koran 17:1}?

What about depictions of allah the god with ONE LEG AND TWO RIGHT HANDS?

muslims don’t care about allah:it is all about muhammed.

umar:aw the infidels mo,they drew some cartoons of you and aww no:stink lines,they put in stink lines mo.

muhammed:peace be upon me.haha I love stink lines on cartoons..

umar:so you are ok with this?

muhammed:peace be upon me.I consider it a great honor..

umar:And even if they put in stink lines?

muhammed:Especially if they put in stink lines…

umar:what about buraq,your magical donkey?

muhammed:THAT i forbid..that would definitely ridicule i’m off …,to fly up to the clouds on my magical flying winged donkey with a woman’s Jerusalem to visit that mosque that doesn’t exist in my time..

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