Grandparents, brothers of Muslim migrant who beheaded teacher arrested, with parents of child at the school

“Earlier this month, Paty had shown his pupils a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad while discussing the Hebdo case in a lesson that was part of an obligatory “moral and civil education” course that all primary and secondary French schools have in their curriculum.”

“He gave Muslim students the opportunity to leave the classroom if they thought they might be offended, according to multiple media reports.”

“The history teacher’s lesson however, sparked complaints from several Muslim parents. One family lodged a legal complaint… He also called Paty a “voyou” (thug).”

“Paty had received several unspecified threats in the days following the lesson. He had been “concerned for his safety,” another teacher at the school said, according to The Sun.”

The Netherlands, where I live, lost 100.000 Jewish people out of a total of 120.000 during the Holocaust.
It was part of the curriculum, to educate children about this. Since some 20 years ago, teaching about “the Jews”. the Holocaust, is often impossible in many areas in Holland, and sometimes even dangerous.
“Diversity” is the new word, and the EU bureaucrats in Brussels command us to be “tolerant” to “other sensitivities”. Government bureaucrats in the Netherlands, like most bureaucrats spineless beings, have became from staunch supporters for the Israel cause the greatest fighters for the “Palestinian” cause.

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