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Friday Sermon Abstract 11th December 2020: ‘Rightly Guided Caliphs – Hazrat Ali (ra)’

After reciting Tashahhud, Ta`awwuz and Surah al-Fatihah, His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba) stated that he would proceed highlighting incidents from the lifetime of Hazrat Ali (ra).

His Holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad - Hazrat Ali

Worthy of Compassion

His Holiness (aba) stated that throughout the Battle of Uhud, the Holy Prophet (sa) granted the flag of Islam to Hazrat Ali (ra) after the martyrdom of Hazrat Mus‘ab bin Umair (ra). Throughout this battle, the flagbearer of the disbelievers got here ahead and attacked Hazrat Ali (ra), towards whom Hazrat Ali (ra) fought and defeated. As one other get together of the Quraish approached, the Holy Prophet (sa) instructed Hazrat Ali (ra) to combat towards them. Presently, the angel Gabriel got here to the Holy Prophet (sa) that Hazrat Ali (ra) was worthy of compassion. The Holy Prophet (sa) stated that he was of Ali, and Ali was of him.

Love of Hazrat Ali (ra) for the Holy Prophet (sa)

His Holiness (aba) narrated an incident which evidently displayed the nice love which Hazrat Ali (ra) had for the Holy Prophet (sa); a love which had continued to develop and improve since his childhood. His Holiness (aba) associated that throughout the Battle of Uhud the Holy Prophet (sa) was injured by the Quraish. It’s narrated that Hazrat Fatimah (ra) was cleansing the injuries of the Holy Prophet (sa) while Hazrat Ali (ra) poured water from his defend. It’s narrated that on that day, the Holy Prophet (sa) endured sixteen wounds.

Hazrat Ali (ra) is Granted the Sword of the Holy Prophet (sa)

His Holiness (aba) stated that throughout the Battle of Khandaq, when a number of the Quraish had been capable of cross the ditch, the Quraish approached and ‘Amr bin ‘Abd Wudd from the Quraish known as out for battle. Hazrat Ali (ra) responded to this name and requested the Holy Prophet (sa) for permission to fight them. The Holy Prophet (sa) granted Hazrat Ali (ra) his sword and prayed for his victory, because of which Hazrat Ali (ra) overcame and defeated ‘Amr whereas the remainder of the Quraish fled.

Scribe of the Holy Prophet (sa) Through the Treaty of Hudaibiyah

His Holiness (aba) stated that throughout the Treaty of Hudaibiyah, Hazrat Ali (ra) was serving because the scribe of the Treaty. Because the treaty was being written, Hazrat Ali (ra) wrote, ‘Muhammad, Messenger of Allah’ nevertheless the consultant of the disbelievers objected to this as they didn’t settle for him to be the messenger of Allah. Thus, because the Holy Prophet’s (sa) major objective in forming this treaty was the institution of peace, he advised Hazrat Ali (ra) to erase this. Hazrat Ali’s (ra) eyes crammed with tears and he couldn’t carry himself to do it. Thus, the Holy Prophet (sa) erased it himself.

His Holiness (aba) associated that on the time of the Battle of Khaibar, the Holy Prophet (sa) introduced that he would grant the flag of Islam to he who liked the Holy Prophet (sa), and the Holy Prophet (sa) liked him (in accordance with one other narration, he who loves Allah and Allah loves him) for victory shall be achieved by his arms. On the time, Hazrat Ali (ra) was experiencing an ailment of the eyes. The Holy Prophet (sa) put a few of his blessed saliva on his eyes, which relieved him of this ache, and thereafter granted Hazrat Ali (ra) the flag of Islam.

His Holiness (aba) stated that throughout the battle, Hazrat Ali (ra) got here nose to nose with a Jewish soldier and so they battled. Since each had been properly skilled in warfare, it was an in depth battle, however finally, Hazrat Ali (ra) overcame him and knelt upon him. Simply as Hazrat Ali (ra) was about to strike the ultimate blow, the person spat in Hazrat Ali’s (ra) face. Hazrat Ali (ra) instantly stepped again and spared the person. When requested why he did this, Hazrat Ali (ra) defined that up till that time, he had been combating merely for the sake of Allah; however when the person spat in his face, he grew to become indignant and fearful that now he could be killing him out of this private anger. Thus he stepped away and spared him.

Events When the Holy Prophet (sa) Positioned his Belief in Hazrat Ali (ra)

His Holiness (aba) associated that Hazrat Ali (ra) was a part of the envoy despatched by the Holy Prophet (sa) to retrieve a letter being despatched to the Quraish detailing the plans of the Muslims earlier than the Conquest of Makkah. Hazrat Ali (ra) and this envoy had been profitable in retrieving this letter earlier than it reached the Quraish and returned it to the Holy Prophet (sa).

His Holiness (aba) stated that throughout the Battle of Hunain, Hazrat Ali (ra) was granted the flag of the Muhajireen (migrants). Through the battle, there got here a degree the place just a few companions had been left who remained alongside the Holy Prophet (sa), amongst whom was Hazrat Ali (ra).

His Holiness (aba) stated that when the Holy Prophet (sa) set out for the Battle of Tabuk, he assigned Hazrat Ali (ra) because the Amir in his stead. Hazrat Ali (ra) requested the Holy Prophet (sa) if he would depart him behind amongst the ladies and kids. The Holy Prophet (sa) replied by saying that Hazrat Ali (ra) ought to be pleased, for he was to him, as Aaron (as) was to Moses (as).

His Holiness (aba) stated that when, the Holy Prophet (sa) despatched Hazrat Ali (ra) to Yemen as a decide. Hazrat Ali (ra) stated that he submitted to the Holy Prophet (sa) that he was nonetheless younger, and was not well-versed in judging issues. The Holy Prophet (sa) reassured him that God would grant him the power and prayed for him. The Holy Prophet (sa) suggested Hazrat Ali (ra) that every time two opposing events introduced a matter earlier than him in an effort to resolve between them, he ought to by no means decide till he had heard the matter from either side. Hazrat Ali (ra) stated that after this and by following the recommendation of the Holy Prophet (sa), he by no means skilled any problem in being a decide.

His Holiness (aba) stated that he would proceed highlighting incidents from the lifetime of Hazrat Ali (ra) sooner or later.

Mubarak Mosque Front

Request for Prayers

Ultimately, His Holiness (aba) made an enchantment for prayers. His Holiness (aba) stated that in his final sermon, he had not been capable of point out Algeria, the place Ahmadis are going through very harsh circumstances and a few have been imprisoned as properly for his or her religion. His Holiness (aba) prayed that the federal government be granted knowledge in order that they stop committing such grievances towards Ahmadis. His Holiness (aba) additionally appealed for prayers for Pakistan the place circumstances proceed to worsen. His Holiness (aba) prayed that if the clerics and authorities officers refuse to desist and don’t take heed then could Allah make them swiftly undergo the results of their deeds.

Funeral Prayers

His Holiness (aba) stated that he would supply the funeral prayer in absentia of the next deceased member of the Neighborhood:

Rashid Ahmad of Rabwah, Pakistan who handed away on October 28, 2020. He was the daddy of Tahir Nadeem who’s serving within the Arabic Desk stationed within the UK. Rashid Ahmad Sahib’s grandfather had the honour of accepting the Promised Messiah (as) and pledging allegiance at his blessed hand. Rashid Ahmad Sahib was very righteous, variety and hospitable. He at all times took care of the poor and fewer lucky. He’s survived by his spouse, three daughters and two sons. His Holiness (aba) prayed that will Allah deal with him with forgiveness and mercy and elevate his station in paradise.

Abstract ready by The Evaluate of Religions.

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