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Asalama wa’alaykum,

Sorry in advance if this doesn’t meet post guidelines, this is my first time posting. I am a 21 yr old university student and I have been feeling very distant lately, I can’t muster the energy to study or do anything productive, ever. I am always stressed, tired, struggling with money. I think it is largely because since last yr Ramadan, I have been very distant from Islam. I had been missing my daily prayers, distant from the Quran. I used to have a lot of Islamic related posts in my tiktok feed, and I would feel very guilty and skip past them, I tried praying one day, and even within the prayer I felt that I was doing the motions, but my mind kept drifting. It was very common that I would lose my focus, treating it as a repetitive act, and I know I cannot say for certain, but it did not feel like the prayers I did counted.

I’m trying my best now, reading Quran, I think I’m going to delete the apps that are distracting me. I don’t know what to do regain my Iman, I am so distant from the religion and it is scaring me how I can’t even maintain focus in prayer.

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