Did Muhammad (PBUH) drink alcohol? : islam


I’m in the processes of learning about Islam however through discussions with somebody who claims to have read and studied Islam (and the Quran) themselves as part of their own self discovery, they claim that Prophet Muhammad was OK with alcohol in moderation. He claims that it’s in the Quran. I was led toward this resource

I know this verse makes it clear that it’s forbidden but is there a point in Islamic history where it was allowed or not explicitly forbidden before it was banned due to excessive consumption?

A lot of resources on Google are suspicious and I’m shaky on their intent/owner bias so I turn to you for a more rounded response

Separately but in the same vain, I came across this comment on alcohol in Islam. Is this an accepted practice? Then, how much does it matter if one cooks with alcohol in food i.e drizzle meat with brandy or something. If what Muslims avoid is intoxication, cooking with alcohol would be fine?

Thanks in advance…

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