CAIR Tweets Hate (Part Two)

“Our sister @lsarsour is an outspoken advocate of justice for all, including the Jewish community,” tweeted on August 19 the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in defense of the anti-Semite Linda Sarsour. Hamas-derived CAIR’s repeated support for this Muslim-American activist, alongside other equally radical CAIR leaders, further exposes this “civil rights” organization’s true nature.

As retweeted by CAIR’s Israel-hating deputy director Edward Ahmed Mitchell, CAIR responded to Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. Campaign officials had first denounced Sarsour’s appearance at the virtual Democratic National Convention, but then retracted their rebuke in a private phone call with Muslim activists. “Smearing her and other American Muslims as anti-Semitic for supporting Palestinian human rights is predictable, despicable and unacceptable. Our political leaders must stop doing it,” CAIR proclaimed.

Former CAIR official Corey Saylor must have been operating from the same talking points that day. He tweeted that the Democratic “spokesperson who attacked @lsarsour should go find a job” with another “campaign where Islamophobia is welcome.” He had previously tweeted on March 28, 2019, that he considered Sarsour among his “friends and sisters,” who “terrified” him with their “smart and savvy.”

Saylor’s “sisters” included CAIR’s San Francisco area chapter director Zahra Billoo, Sarsour’s fellow radical. Billoo tweeted on February 15, 2019 that “Zionism, as a racist ideology, has no place in LGBTQ+ and antiracist movements whose goal is the liberation of all people.” She curtly reiterated on August 7 that “Zionism is racism.”

Billoo has an established record of disrespecting fallen American soldiers, and her 2018 Independence Day tweet in response to Senator Kamala Harris clearly shows why. Biden’s current running mate celebrated the Declaration of Independence’s immigrant signers. By contrast, Billoo foreshadowed the fraudulent 1619 Project with the usual leftist one-sided screeds. The “signers and our early founders were genocidal settlers, who stole land from indigenous peoples, enslaved Africans, and built racist systems of government.”

Surprisingly, Billoo actually has supporters in rather prominent places, such as George Washington University Law School law professor McKay Smith. This author’s Fourth of July chastisement of her unbalanced, unpatriotic views of America prompted Smith to fume about this author’s “very racist comment about @ZahraBilloo.” Smith added, “Shame on you. You close-minded POS [piece of sh*t],” and in a following foul-mouthed tweet, “Let me be clear Andrew. F*ck you. Unfollow me.”

Billoo’s San Francisco values on America’s Left Coast are unexceptionable in CAIR, as exhibited by her colleague on the East Coast, former CAIR Connecticut chapter executive director Mongi Dhaouadi. “I have no interest in understanding the Zionist narrative,” he tweeted on June 1, 2018, in conjunction with his Facebook post about Razan Najjar, a Palestinian medic in Gaza killed by a stray Israeli bullet fire during violent protests. “Just like ISIS [Islamic State in Iraq and Syria], the IDF [Israeli Defense Forces] is a terrorist organization period!”

Little wonder that Dhaouadi tweeted on February 11, 2019, that he would “stand with Ilhan Omar” after furor erupted over this congresswoman’s repeated anti-Semitic outbursts. His screed against Israel was about as bad as anything Omar ever said. “AIPAC uses money AND shaming to silence its critics and distract from the real issue that AIPAC puts the interest of an apartheid foreign entity before that of the US period,” he tweeted.

Omar continued to inspire Dhaouadi at a November 10, 2019 meeting hosted by Esam Omeish, whose prior cheerleading for Hamas and the “jihad way” had cost him a position on a Virginia immigration commission in 2007. This was coincidentally the anniversary of Germany’s November 9-10, 1938, Nazi Kristallnacht pogrom and the infamous 1975 United Nations General Assembly “Zionism is racism” resolution. As cheerful event photos indicated, Dhaouadi found her to be a “great inspiration for our youth and a truly remarkable sister.”

Days later on November 14, Dhaouadi repeated the headline from the Israeli radical Haaretz writer Gideon Levy that people should “Stop living in denial. Israel is an evil state.” Dhaouadi added the next day without further explanation that Israel is simply “GUILTY.” He offers no good evidence for such judgments, as shown by his October 24, 2019, tweeting of an article by New York University student Benjamin Zinevich.

This author for Britain’s Independent newspaper is a member of campus chapters of two allied radical Israel-hating organizations, Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP). Correspondingly, Zinevich effectively repackaged for Chile the JVP-initiated Deadly Exchange campaign, a modern blood libel that Israeli training exchanges with American police cause their abuse. Without a shred of evidence, and with no known expertise concerning Chile or Israel, he asserted that Israeli military ties with Chile were the source of Chilean military human rights abuses of protesters.

Alongside Israel, for Dhaouadi the real bigots are Republicans under America’s 45th president, Donald Trump. So wrote Dhaouadi in a July 22, 2019, Facebook post in “respect of my former colleagues at CAIR.” “CAIR chapters across the this nation are doing an amazing job against all odds to stand up to 45 and HIS REPUBLICAN PARTY among other racist entities and individuals,” Dhaouadi added.

As self-identified devout Muslims, Dhaouadi and other CAIR officials have offered numerous offenses to their largely non-Muslim opponents, and yet bristle at any slight of Islam. Thus CAIR’s Michigan chapter executive director, Dawud Walid, a noted radical and anti-Semite, tweeted on September 8 critical commentary on the recent republishing of cartoons mocking Islam’s prophet Muhammad by France’s Charlie Hebdo satire magazine. Thereby Charlie Hebdo marked the opening of the trial for the jihadists who perpetrated the January 7, 2015, massacre at the publication’s Paris offices as revenge for previous Muhammad funnies.

Although Walid expressed no malign intent, his words could only have ominous implications for any who do not share his devotion. He voiced the passion many Muslims feel for their faith, too often a source of fanatical violence against any of Islam’s perceived transgressors, such as at Charlie Hebdo:

What French secular liberals and others who claim to be civilized don’t recognize or consider is that the lovers of Prophet Muhammad love him more than themselves and their own kin. Imagine someone maliciously mocking your mother then multiply that outrage times 10 as an example.

Such partisan piety hardly befits CAIR’s pretenses to be an impartial justice advocate. As CAIR’s past promotion of censorship proves, CAIR’s true loyalty is to its understanding of Islamic political interests, and not any universally defined human rights such as free speech. The evidence is abundantly clear that CAIR’s “jihadists in suits” have no legitimacy whatsoever.

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