Being a muslim without believing in everything : islam

I grew up muslim but have an american dad that converted but doesn’t practice and a mom from a muslim nation. I found it hard to continue practicing my faith after going to mosque twice a week for a decade until early high school.

I want to reconnect with my faith but there are somethings i find outdated especially for a young adult wanting to live a “normal” life living in the west, i am curious as to how you all feel about this.

I am not trying to spread hate or say certain things are wrong or right about islam but would love to be pointed in the right direction to do more research.

One thought on “Being a muslim without believing in everything : islam

  1. as salamu alaykum. Peace upon you dear brother in Islam. I am a revert from the USA, like your father. I totally understand what you are saying. It can seem outdated and crazy to have a religion and discipline in this day and age. Avoiding drugs; not dating and doing inappropriate things with the other gender; maintaining a consciousness via the daily prayers; being careful what you eat (only halal and tayyib); and what might seem like a long list of other things can feel instantly overwhelming. Just breathe. Relax. Take it slow and build. The objects of temptation are easy but harmful, and will not bring real joy.

    I would encourage you to study more about Islam and engage yourself with a good circle of friends who are on the same path. Check out for free classes from scholars of Islam. They will really help I think. Also, pick up a Quran in a language you understand and engage with it. It is so powerful to have God speaking directly with us. God bless you and I love you for the sake of Allah

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