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Let’s Be Trustworthy: Whales Are Superior

Celebrating cetaceans on World Whale Day

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World Whale Day is developing on Sunday, February 21st, I’d like to present an enormous, grateful shout-out to the cetacean household (toothed and baleen whales, dolphins and porpoises)! Not solely are whales biologically fascinating creatures and key indicators of wholesome marine ecosystems, however many ocean lovers even have a tender spot for whales and really feel a powerful private connection to those magnificent marine mammals. Some could also be impressed by the sheer dimension and energy of whales; for others, it might be their intelligence, complicated social networks or devoted mothering. Or maybe it’s their specialised and efficient (to not point out spectacular) looking abilities. Whales are additionally vital to many Indigenous folks as an necessary marker of each tradition and meals safety. For instance, bowhead whales are a central function of Inupiat tradition, a necessary supply of meals and cultural continuation.

The connections human beings really feel to cetaceans differ amongst our private experiences, however they’re additionally highly effective in that variety. In fact, my very own connection to marine mammals has outlined a lot of my life and my profession. I’ve watched sperm whales outsmart fishermen by stealing beneficial halibut simply earlier than the fish will be introduced on board.

Staring us down
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I’ve noticed orca mothers instructing their calves to hunt and survive utilizing complicated foraging methods and communication. Humpback whales have circled beneath the water subsequent to our boat solely to emerge on the floor in a wash of bubbles and herring. I’ve learn numerous tales about whales and different cetaceans to my sons, and I’ll always remember the look on their faces after they watched a pod of dolphins bow-riding off the entrance of our boat.
There are many marine scientists that begrudge (considerably subconsciously) the quantity of consideration that whales obtain relative to different necessary marine mammals, fish or invertebrate species. However let’s be trustworthy: whales are superior. And for my part, all of it comes again to that key connection we really feel. Whales deserve our admiration as iconic sentinels of ocean well being and biodiversity. So on World Whale Day and every single day…

Let’s hear it loud and clear for whales in every single place!

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©Megan Williams

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