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“On Saturday, 26 November 1977, Southern TV’s Andrew Gardner was presenting the early-evening news. At 17:10 the TV picture wobbled slightly, followed by a deep buzz. The audio was replaced by a distorted voice delivering a message for almost six minutes. […] The hoaxer has never been identified.”

( Source: wikipedia. )

I don’t think it was made by an alien (I’d be disappointed if it was. So much clichés…) but I don’t think it was mere prank like the Max Headroom hijacking either. A the time, jamming the signal on such a large would require a lot of technical skills and equipment (and money?). And the text doesn’t sound like a simple prank.
I have one theory: the leader of a UFO Cult has set up this operation in order to convince his members and maybe to recruit some new one.
Some people emitted the possibility that Raël was behind it because of the similarity between Raël’s real name (Claude Vorilhon) and the name of the “alien”, Vrillon. It’s true that the message sounds a lot like Raël’s usual crap. However, Raël is french and wasn’t internationally known at the time, and with probably not enough money and influence to perform such a big scam.
The question is, was there some kind of UFO cult at the time, near the Hannington transmitting station?
Does anybody know something about it?

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