Where is Robert Fisher? I just watched the Amazon Prime video documentary about the Fisher family and how he allegedly committed the horrible act of killing his wife and children. Anyone have any other updates about his case and whereabouts? : UnsolvedMysteries

My mom and I were victims of severe life threatening horrific domestic violence of the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and literal senses at the hands of my father on a daily basis from as far back as middle school when my parents met for my mother and from an extremely young age for me roughly 2-4ish I began to understand I was in danger and felt petrified of my father and it’s still something I’m dealing with to this day. Both of my parents are dead now, but the effects of that abuse still lingers inside me. My dad almost killed my mom up in IN in around 2000-2001 and he was basically beating her while standing up UFC style and wasn’t stopping and didn’t stop until I chased in after him and said “stop hitting my mom” to which he stopped beating my mom long enough for her to escape to the kitchen and grab a giant Michael Myers style butcher knife and ran next door to our next door neighbors house who just so happened to be the main sheriff’s deputy (we had no clue until this event took place that there was a deputy next door) and he had the cops there in about 2-3 minutes and while my dad was facing me he cliched his fist and lunged forward at me and yelled “Do you want some too!?!?”. I didn’t realize until maybe the last year or so that I saved my moms life and she would of been killed without me interfering. I was and always will be a mommas boy. Sorry, my ADHD is taking over and I go on tangents, but my whole reason for sharing my story is because people like my dad will continue their path of destruction and violence without professional intervention and often times victims of abuse form toxic tendencies with their abusers. I did just that with both of my parents.

What I think happened on the day of the fire:

Theory 1: I think Robert and his wife got into a heated extremely ugly yelling match most likely to do with Robert’s controlling nature, some forms of abuse although I can’t say which I’d say they’d been present for the entirety of their marriage and she just had enough and confronted him, I think she probably threatened divorce and also taking the kids, and I think this made him snap because of us obsessive need to control every aspect of his family’s life he couldn’t bare the thought of them leaving him so he set up the fire murders and fled.

Theory 2: I think there may of been a mistress in the works that Robert chose to flee with and by murdering his whole family that was his way of hitting the marriage and family obligations are too hard for me “reset” button.

Theory 3: I think that there were some severe financial struggles that were beginning to mount with Robert’s back surgery and problems directly putting into question his ability to be able to provide for his family and maybe his wife’s income wouldn’t sustain them.

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