Unsolved Mysteries producer urges unknown caller to come forward to crack Rey Rivera case : UnsolvedMysteries

This article contains a quote from the crisis management company hired by Stansberry that the gag order was never issued.

You can’t serve a subpoena if you don’t know to whom to serve. In this case, they know where the call came from but were not able to (for whatever reason, but apparently wasn’t a gag order) identify who made the call.

My theory is that this was an extremely toxic environment and the person who made the call either was involved in his murder or was threatened they were next should they come forward. I do believe the call was to lure him -either intentionally or unintentionally – toward the situation that led to his death. This person won’t come forward either out of fear of prosecution, discovery of their involvement, or being killed for talking. Agree with others too, who knows if this person is even alive.

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