The mystery of how twitter fan accounts are hiding the secret of APNGs and why they don’t want you to know it : mystery

How are these twitter accounts still using APNGs?

I’ve been searching for this answer for months and there’s no shred of information on the net I could find.

Backstory: around 2018/19 an exploit was found that if you convert a GIF into a APNG you could post up to 4 GIFs in a single tweet. However, twitter disabled this exploit and you can no longer use APNGs today (the image won’t move)…but here’s the catch; twitter stated they will not remove any of the previously posted APNG tweets, only moving forward that new APNG tweets will not work. So through my searching I’ve discovered that the twitter accounts posting them today are using old APNG posts and not new ones (a highly followed fan account who uses them is the one who stated that information but would not say how it’s being done today which is currently a trending theme with similar fan accounts who are still using them) …but what I can’t find is how they’re posting them as if they are there own NEW original tweet. By twitter logic the only way you can repost old content is by retweeting it or saving it on your device and posting it yourself (which will not work for these GIFs/APNGs)

[these are public anime fan accounts and do not appear to have any personal identifiable information regarding the user of these accounts]

Here are some examples (the pinned tweet dated for June 24, 2020):

Also the pinned tweet dated for May 25th 2020

After each individual image in the tweet was saved to a device and attempted to be reposted they still don’t function as I assume twitter is acknowledging them as the new “banned” APNGs.

If anyone can find the answer I’d greatly appreciate because the community still using them is holding the secret pretty tightly.

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