Sandra Johnsen Hughes, 54, missing in Sierra National Forest since June 26th : UnsolvedMysteries

From what I gathered so far, the above link has the most comprehensive information about her person, the circumstances of her disappearance and the search so far.

Assuming the information about her character is correct, it would seem strange that she had left her campsite in such disarray. Crashing a car might be easy enough to do on what seems to be very tight dirt roads, and I figure the area where the article maps out where the car had been found is right where the road crosses the creek. Approximate coordinates:

Lat: 37°30’14.80″N Long: 119°24’56.23″W

The search during mid July is said to be centered around Chiquito Lake right south of the border to Yosemite. Approximate coordinates:

Lat: 37°32’9.27″N Long: 119°26’12.90″W

From what I gather, the weather in the area during the days between June 26th and July 5th seems to have been quite normal. Around 80 degrees F and no rain.

Anyone else interested in this case? Experiences from similar incidents? Any local knowledge of the area?

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