New episodes of Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix available July 1 (tomorrow!) : UnsolvedMysteries

Well, gang. It’s almost here, and the suspense is killing us! Individual discussion threads will be posted for each episode starting tomorrow. Until then, we thought it would be fun to start one in anticipation of the NEW SEASON that starts TOMORROW!

Titles of the first 6 episodes:

  • “Mystery On the Rooftop”

  • “13 Minutes”

  • “House of Terror”

  • “No Ride Home”

  • “Berkshires UFO”

  • “Missing Witness”

Feel free to discuss anything you know or want to know about the reboot and the above cases — paging u/coreybb and u/netflix — or anything about the old Unsolved Mysteries show: still-unsolved cases from previous episodes, favorite reenactments, theme music, Robert Stack, etc.

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