Le Loyon, also known as “The Ghost of Maules”, was supposed humanoid figure said had to haunt the woodlands near the Swiss town of Maules. Le Loyon is described as a tall humanoid creature dressed in Gimp Suit while it wears a gas mask that completely covers its head. : mystery

Le Loyon

For 10 years, the Swiss town of Maules has been terrified by a strange figure stalking the woodlands known as ‘Le Loyon’. Police have been searching for him (or it) since he was first sighted. He has been walking the same route in the woods every day.

Apparently, the identity known as Le Loyon took his life. His clothes were found in the woodlands with a cryptic note reading “Le risque d’une chasse à la Bête” meaning “The risk of a hunt for the Beast.”

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