I found a post mentioning covid 19… over 100 days before covid was found, and i’m unsure if it was edited creep people out. : mystery

A post here was made on August 24th 2019, while the virus wasn’t found until sometime in December and the name covid 19 wasn’t given until even later, although i’m not sure exactly when. Can anyone tell if the post was edited at all? I cant see if it was edited and there’s no archives on the wayback machine, so i don’t know if there was a different original post.

The post has a picture of, and describes a man known as ‘The Semant’, which is believed to be based off of the dream man posters, as The Semant does not seem to exist. The post is quite long, detailing how he looks and telling people that he ‘is the bad luck’ and that he is the creepiest man on earth. Whoever wrote the post seems to either be a bit paranoid or a troll. They repeatedly say that they want to know The Semant’s real name, and alude to a group of people who research the Semant. The last part of the post says the following: ‘so i guess he has no name i need to find him! or he created COVID 19’

It seems like an edit, especially since it’s kind of shoved in at the end and doesn’t make any sense, but the rest of the post doesn’t make any sense either to be fair. I don’t think it’s possible for him to have known about Covid in August, but i cant find any proof of it being edited, so i was wondering if it shows up as edited on anyone else’s reddit? Because if not i would truly like to know wtf is going on.

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