I found a house in the middle of the woods, i have never seen it out of all my years exploring the woods it’s pretty weird : mystery

Found a house in the middle of the woods

okay so right behind my house is some woods and me and my friends usually go out there to explore last week we out in the woods and we came across this house it wasn’t a shack or anything it was a full blown house it wasn’t abandoned it was very clean so we assumed someone family was living there and we let it be the next day we came across again thinking nothing about it but this time the door was cracked opened and we can hear talking inside and right across from this house was a bunch of benches and tables so me and my friends sat there and just talked about 10 minutes later we saw 3 people come out of the house and started walking down this trail the door of the house was still opened so one of my friends decided to close the door for them he went up to the door and stood there for quite awhile and it seemed like he was talking to someone but i couldn’t really them when he came back he said that one of the people in the house invited them in and of course he said no but they insisted they he came in the. she told him to wait by the door and went upstairs that’s when he went to us and told that we should leave because the person was really creeping him out so we decided to leave and so we started walking back to my friends house and i looked back and saw this lady by the door of the house in woods just watching us i pointed it out to my friends and they all thought it was creepy i’ve never seen that lady anywhere in my area not any stores near by it was really creepy i asked my parents about the house and they said they didn’t know there was house on the woods and it’s weird because i’ve lived in my house ever since i was born about 14 years and i’ve been in the woods multiple time and i’ve never seen that house and i don’t know if it counts as a mystery but it’s pretty werid

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