Hidden cellar discovered at former home of suspect : UnsolvedMysteries

I feel like this whole thing might come to nothing, including this guy as a suspect.

I mean…he is the best suspect they’ve ever had. He has all the things, he was in the area, moving around, he has an MO of breaking in and committing assaults.

Assuming he is in fact the accused in the other crimes that emerged after he was named, he appears to be terrifying and prolific serial attacker

But I feel like how and when information has been released was strange. The flood of allegations about him after he was named are astonishing but they all went very quiet. Presumably as these women may now be back in talks with police or perhaps because some of them turned out not to be him at all but we don’t know.

As someone below has said…the lack of forensics teams at basically all of the searches is also interesting and troubling. It suggests they are not making these searches based on evidence or leads, but on…record keeping. They’re searching locations he’s already known to have been around, or lived in.

I hope I’m wrong but I feel that does not bode well for the case.

I’ve gotten the distinct feeling that when he was named and shown, police hoped there would be a big flood of new leads.

They clearly got a lot of new information but I don’t think they got anything new that links him directly to Madeline the way they’ had been hoping it would.

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