Girl found on february, 14 1978 remains unidentified for 42 years. She was a teenager and maybe never reported missing, she is known as Otay Jane Doe or Proctor Valley Jane. Who was this girl and who killed her? : mystery

Otay Jane Doe was a white teenager aged between 14 -18 years, stood aproximately 5’0 – 5’1 inches (1,52 – 1,55 m), weighed between 85 – 90 pounds ( 38,5 – 40,8 kgs). She had brown shoulder lenght hair and wore it in a ponytail tied with a rubber band, she possibly had brown eyes too, but it was never confirmed. Her right ear was malformed and smaller than the left one, both ears were pierced. In the time of her death, she was wearing a black or blue denim overalls and a white halter top with a blue flower pattern, no shoes or socks were found on the scene. She had an extensive dental work.


On february 14, 1978 her body was found in Otay, California next to a pavement of Proctor Valley Road, a rural area near San Miguel Ranch, Chula Vista. Based on the condition of the remains, was establed that Jane Doe died 2 days prior to being found, her cause of death diverge in some sources, various sites lists her death as a homicide by poisoning but the kind of poison or drugs used was not revealed to the public. Doe Network lists her death as undetermined, but said that the autopsy showed drugs in her system. She was tortured for a period of time and set on fire after her death, but fortunately her face, arms and legs recieved minimal or no damage. One of her front theets were broken in a half. Her dental records are available for comparison but her DNA and fingerprints are not.


In 42 years of this case, there is little information available about the leads investigated, there is more theories about what happened to her and who she was. In 2014 investigators released more informations about the case ( I listed all I found above) and a new reconstruction of her. Although the detectives efforts, no one came foward with tips.


She could have some special need and was abused and killed by her caregivers
She could be killed by a farmer or a family member that lived in the ranch and they never reported her as missing
She could have done something that is consider wrong for her community and they killed her, the body could have been set on fire to hide evidences
Maybe she grow up in a orphanage
Maybe she was a farmer worker

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