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Date: April 15, 2004

Location: Cumming, Georgia

Type of Mystery: Abduction and Murder


Hairstylist Patrice Endres, 38, vanished from her hair salon in Cumming, Georgia, in broad daylight, during a 13-minute timeframe. Twenty months later, her body was found in a wooded forest, 11 miles from her salon. Patrice left behind a husband, Rob, and her 15-year old son, Pistol, who was the most important person in her life. Although two infamous serial killers were operating in the area at the time, and even though one of those serial killers confessed to killing Patrice, investigators believe her killer is still at large. Pistol will never give up searching for answers to his mother’s murder.


At noon on April 15, 2004, two of Patrice’s regular customers arrive at Tamber’s Trim ‘n Tan Salon for their scheduled appointments. The owner and hairstylist, Patrice, is nowhere to be found. Her purse and keys are on the desk, her lunch is still warm in the microwave, and her car is parked at an odd angle in front of the salon—not in its usual place. When they see the cash drawer is empty, the two women know something is seriously wrong, so they call 911. The search for Patrice begins immediately.

Owning a hair salon was Patrice Endres’ dream come true. Her husband Rob, helped her purchase and remodel it to perfection. After she disappears, Rob is devastated and claims he doted on Patrice and loved her with all his heart. Patrice’s son, family, and friends disagree. They claim he was jealous, possessive, and controlling, and Patrice was getting ready to divorce him. The already-strained relationship between Rob and his step-son, Pistol, totally disintegrates with the disappearance of Patrice.

Though her family hopes and prays that Patrice will return, her disappearance has all the signs of an abduction. Police, family, and friends comb the area for weeks. Investigators create a timeline based on Patrice’s customers that day, and her cell phone calls, and identify a narrow 13-minute window of time when the abduction took place.

Rob has an airtight alibi, yet he falls under suspicion because he knew Patrice’s schedule and would have known that she would be alone during those 13 minutes. Some believe Rob kidnapped and killed his wife because their marriage was unraveling. Rob denies this, saying they were happy, Patrice was totally devoted to him, and she was the love of his life.

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  1. I think her husband did it. He “has a degree in criminology“, the way he smiled after that like saying he was smarter. He changes out the locks the day after kicking Pistol, who was 15, out not letting him get his clothes or any of his possessions. Makes me wonder if Rob was holding Patrice captive. The police can’t exclude him as a suspect. Rob talks timeline, his work place more than likely had a back door. I think he’s sort of confessing towards the end how he talks about it was probably two people and keeping her captive as a sex toy and then moving her with a wheelbarrow. And then that little half smirk after he talks about all that. I bet Rob has Patrice’s wedding ring. Then he insist that the funeral home place her bones in anatomically order and he walks around with her skull. And then he admits to sleeping with her ashes like a teddy bear, the man is sick. What’s with the empty wine bottle and glass in the closet? He’ll never share the ashes with anybody “particularly Pistal”, what a selfish bastard. So in this way he has her all to himself, keeping her in the closet and away from her son. If that doesn’t say jealous I don’t know what does.

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