Chen Qiushi, journalist who made the world aware of how bad coronavirus was in Wuhan he been missing for 6 months. : mystery

Chen Qiushi is a journalist from China who made a name for himself long before the coronavirus pandemic ever started. Covering the Hong Kong protest when they began in 2019. He was one of many journalist who were arrested simply for reporting the news and voicing what he saw in front of him. The government and police knew of Chen and how his refusal to give into the higher power could create a major problem for a country that controls every citizen. Fast forward to February 6th, 2020 and Chen seemingly disappeared from the world. He was heavily covering the coronavirus pandemic and was uploading videos to his YouTube and Twitter. His family and media sources as well were told he was placed in “quarantine” for the time being at an undisclosed location. That was over 6 months ago and still to this day as of August 22nd, 2020 he is still missing and many big figures in China’s government are saying they have never heard of him when asked. His family, friends and hundreds of thousands of followers who have followed his story very close are still left wondering everyday what happened. While it may be easy to just say he was killed for showing too much sensitive material and going against those who run the country, I think the answer may not be that easy to answer. He had a massive following and numerous news outlets from multiple countries have covered his disappearance intensely. Yet he still has had no updates on his condition nor location. He was also associated with Fang Bin who had been labeled as the whistleblower of the entire ordeal in Wuhan with releasing a video of bodies being loaded into a van when at the same time China was telling the world things were not as bad as they really were. Many people have heard the theories that China has been lying about their true number of covid cases and with that video making a lot of traction on YouTube it forced Chinas hand to admit things were getting worse. The entire ordeal and fates of Chen and Fang have been heavily debated but the biggest question has yet to be answered.. where are they?

Chen Qiushi Qiushi

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  1. Find Chen Qiushi, Journalist Who Made The World Aware Of How Bad Coronavirus Was In Wuhan He Been Missing For 6 Months.

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