About a year ago, I was waking up to Livestream about cars. The cars never moved, does anyone remember this? : mystery

Alright, the title might be a bit confusing, but let me explain. About a year ago, I used to fall asleep while watching YouTube. Usually just music or something, but I’d wake up to a totally different video. It didn’t show timestamps or how long it was playing. It was kind of like a Livestream of a small town race, but the cars didn’t move throughout the video. I remember a loudspeaker, some man was talking through it, but it was always muffled. The camera would slowly move. It was always dark in the video, around 4 am? There was always a crowd of people on bleachers, always one lady. She had blonde hair, with a tank top, white hat, and khaki shorts. I remember her like this, but there are slight consistency depending on who I talk to. I’m sitting with my girlfriend, that’s kind of how this popped up. We were talking about things we would wake up to. (Weird cartoons, political puppet commercials, etc.) She remembers a blurred woman, very thin with a short hair style, she never remembered seeing a face. She remembers a bright pink shirt. We both remember the camera panning across the scene, very slowly. She’s not the only one who remembers this. While I was waking up to these videos, I was part of the k12 homeschooling program. The teacher was making small talk, asking about dreams and what not. I don’t remember his name, but he pretty much told me he woke up to the same video. He reminded me of a few details that I’d forgotten. If anyone has questions, please ask. The boy and I haven’t talked since, and I’ve lost contact after going back to public school. Any questions, please ask. We just need to know if anyone else remembers something like this.

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