Remember when we were told: “The Arctic Is On Fire, and We Should all Be Terrified”? It’s SNOWING there now.

From the “weather is not climate”, you идиот department comes this about face by climate change nature. Remember just a couple of weeks ago we were lectured to about the dangers of climate change turning towns around the Arctic circle into easy-bake ovens? As New York’s David Wallace-Wells wrote of one town that hit triple-digit temperatures on June […]

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Covid-19 Fallout: President Trump Moves to Formally Withdraw From the WHO

Guest essay by Eric Worrall The World Health Organization’s disastrous handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, their alleged excessive deference to China, and their apparent refusal to consider any serious reform, has convinced President Trump they are not fit for purpose. Trump Administration Formally Notifies U.N. of Withdrawal From World Health Organization BY MATTHEW LEE / AP JULY […]

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First direct evidence of ocean mixing across the gulf stream

University of Maryland researcher discovers important ocean blender effect that may influence climate and fisheries from Florida to Newfoundland University of Maryland IMAGE: The “Triaxus ” towing platform breaks through the choppy surface of the ocean during a storm. By towing such a platform with monitoring instruments through the water, changing its depth in… view more  […]

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Hydroxychloroquine-based COVID-19 Treatment, A Systematic Review of Clinical Evidence and Expert Opinion from Physicians’ Surveys

Key Words: hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, antiviral, evidence Abstract During the current COVID-19 epidemic, most of the evidence is collected by treating physicians, most of whom do not report their results in peer reviewed journals.  Hence, there appears to be an especially broad gap between field experience and academic coverage of hydroxychloroquine-based COVID-19 treatments. The objective of […]

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Vatican: Small Scale Climate Cooperatives “people-centred, not capital-centred … distribute wealth in a fairer way”

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Vatican News presenting Pope Francis’ support for the UN Secretary General’s vision of a global future of sustainable local cooperatives which eliminate the unfairness of Capitalism. Pope: cooperatives for clean energy against climate change … Cooperatives – people-centred development The aim of the annual celebration is to increase awareness about […]

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