How Can Assistant Principals Be Trained as Instructional Leaders? Insights from the PLUS Program

Research Brief Photo by FatCamera/Getty Images Key Findings Students of teachers coached by PLUS APs had somewhat larger English language arts (ELA) achievement gains than students of comparison teachers who received business-as-usual district supports. Teachers whose students had very low achievement gains departed the district at higher rates if they had received coaching and observation […]

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Pathways to Instructional Leadership: Implementation and Outcomes from a Job-Embedded School Leader Training Program

Research Questions What were the features of the PLUS program, and how did those features compare with historical district practices for AP selection, training, and support? To what extent was the PLUS program implemented as intended, and what were Leaders’ experiences at each stage of the PLUS program? How did the career trajectories of Leaders […]

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How Is COVID-19 Changing Americans’ Online Shopping Habits?

An Amazon worker delivers packages amid the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak in Denver, Colorado, U.S., April 22, 2020. Photo by REUTERS/Kevin Mohatt Online shopping was increasing gradually even before the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic began.[1] With stay-at-home orders in place around the country, a huge increase in people ordering everything from groceries to […]

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Investing in the Future of Health Care: A Strategic Assessment of Federally Funded Health Services Research and Primary Care Research

Research Brief Key Questions The health services research (HSR) and primary care research (PCR) portfolios of federal agencies have distinct focus areas based on their individual congressional authorizations, missions, and operational needs. Research funded by agencies on similar topics is mostly complementary, but potential overlaps in HSR and PCR portfolios need to be more proactively […]

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The State of the Science in Opioid Policy Research

Objective Characterize the state of the science in opioid policy research based on a literature review of opioid policy studies. Methods We conducted a scoping review of studies evaluating the impact of U.S. state-level and federal-level policies on opioid-related outcomes published in 2005–2018. We characterized: 1) state and federal policies evaluated, 2) opioid-related outcomes examined, […]

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Building Community Resilience to Large Oil Spills: Findings and Recommendations from a Synthesis of Research on the Mental Health, Economic, and Community Distress Associated with the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Format: Finucane, Melissa L., Aaron Clark-Ginsberg, Andrew M. Parker, Alejandro U. Becerra-Ornelas, Noreen Clancy, Rajeev Ramchand, Tim Slack, Vanessa Parks, Lynsay Ayer, Amanda F. Edelman, Elizabeth L. Petrun Sayers, Shanthi Nataraj, Craig A. Bond, Amy E. Lesen, Regardt J. Ferreira, Leah Drakeford, Jacqueline Fiore, Margaret M. Weden, K. Brent Venable, and A. Barrie Black, Building […]

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Limb Salvage and Recovery After Severe Blast Injury: Eighth Department of Defense International State-of-the-Science Meeting on Blast Injury Research

During the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, there have been changes in the mechanism, severity, and complexity of injuries from improvised explosive devices⁠—changes that have resulted in a higher incidence of combat-related traumatic injuries. Battlefield medical advances and improvements in protective equipment have resulted in a greater proportion of blast-exposed service members surviving their severe […]

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Treatment consolidation after vertical integration: Evidence from outpatient procedure markets

Hospital ownership of physician practices has grown across the US, and these strategic decisions seem to drive higher prices and spending. Using detailed physician ownership information and a universe of Florida discharge records, we show novel evidence of hospital-physician integration foreclosure effects within outpatient procedure markets. Following hospital acquisition, physicians shift nearly 10% of their […]

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