Getting your toes wet: Citizen science as a means for long-term monitoring

Citation: Gouraguine A, Moranta J, Ruiz-Frau A, Hinz H, Reñones O, Ferse SCA, et al. (2019) Citizen science in data and resource-limited areas: A tool to detect long-term ecosystem changes. PLoS ONE 14(1): e0210007. Note: This post was originally published on the Oceanbites site in January 2019; however, it was lost due to server […]

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Counterintuitive? Fish make more brain cells in water rich with carbon dioxide

Reference: Wang, Xiaojie, et al. “Brain regions of marine medaka activated by acute and short-term ocean acidification.” Science of The Total Environment 720 (2020): 137279. DOI: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2020.137279 A strange, poisonous gas has been spreading around. Its inhalation is unavoidable. After breathing it for a while, everyone starts acting bizarre. Some confuse left and right; others […]

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Meet the Striped Pyjama Squid

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of cephalopods. It’s hard not to be when the group includes one-of-a-kind species like the adorable bobtail squid, the deadly blue-ringed octopus and the mysterious vampire squid. Today, we’re celebrating another member of the impressive cephalopod clan: the striped pyjama squid. These tiny animals only grow to about […]

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Pros and cons of conservation: how rebounding sea otter populations impact local economies

Gregr, E. J., Christensen, V., Nichol, L., Martone, R. G., Markel, R. W., Watson, J. C., … Chan, K. M. A. (2020). Cascading social-ecological costs and benefits triggered by a recovering keystone predator. Science, 1247, 1243–1247.   Predators get a bad rap. They are often portrayed as big, bad, scary, eating-machines. But the fact […]

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The Future Ocean

At Kiel University Dr. Jörn Schmidt’s research has focused on socio-ecological systems and concepts of sustainability in the ocean and fisheries management, always involving social and political actors. Most recently, he was head of the topic area “Marine Food” at the Center for Ocean and Society at Kiel University, the interfaculty platform of the university’s […]

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