Positivity rate dips to 3-month low

The positivity rate of Covid-19 has decreased to the lowest in more than last three months.

In the past 24 hours till 8:30am yesterday, the health directorate reported 14.02 percent or 1,592 positive cases out of 11,354 people tested across the country.

This rate is the lowest during the last 112 days.

Earlier on May 16, the positivity rate was 13.71 percent — lower than the yesterday’s one.

With yesterday’s new cases, the total number of confirmed cases rose to 325,157 in the country.

Bangladesh continued to keep holding 14th position among the countries hit by coronavirus.

In the same 24 hours, 32 Covid-19 patients died.

The total number of casualties due to Covid-19 rose to 4,479 which is 1.38 percent of all confirmed cases.

Besides, new 3,423 patients were added to the total 221,275 recovered patients in those 24 hours.

With this, the recovery rate now stands at slightly over 68 percent.

Seven of yesterday’s deceased were females while 25 were males.

Three of them died in their residences and 29 in hospitals, according to the press release from the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS).

Two were aged between 31 and 40, four between 41 and 50, nine between 51 and 60 while the rest 17 were over 60 years.

A total of 3,850 patients were admitted to the hospitals’ general section while 316 to ICUs in the Covid-19 dedicated hospitals across the country in the 24 hours, according to the DGHS press release.


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