Fired RMG worker held in Gazipur for trying to rob a bank by threatening bomb blast

Police yesterday arrested a man from Chandana Chowrasta area of Gazipur after he allegedly tried to rob a private bank by threatening to detonate an improvised explosive device, said police.

The arrestee, Abu Bakkar Siddique (30), is a former worker of Belmont garments factory whose job was terminated.

Md Azad Mia, acting commissioner of Gazipur Metropolitan Police (GMP), said a case was filed in this regard around 10:00pm yesterday.

He said Siddique entered the Chandana Chowrasta branch of Prime Bank around 1:45pm yesterday with a black school bag.

He then went to bank manager Molla Farid Ahmed’s room and tried to confine him, saying that he would detonate a bomb if the bank manager did not give him all the bank’s money, said the acting commissioner. 

He also said that his cohorts were waiting outside, the police official added.

The bank manager somehow managed to get out of the room and called Bason Police Station after shutting the bank door.

A police team reached the spot, surrounded the bank premises and also halted traffic movement on the Dhaka-Tangail highway to ensure security, the police official said.

Police later entered the bank and arrested the man.

The district police then informed bomb disposal unit (BDU) of Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime (CTTC) to diffuse the bomb.

An 11-member BDU team arrived on the spot and found an improvised explosive device (IED) inside the bag made with three pipes and diffused it, the acting commissioner said.

Rahmatullah Chowdhury, in-charge of BDU of CTTC unit, said the man tried to learn making IEDs by watching tutorials on YouTube.

“We have primarily analysed the IED and other information and did not find any evidence of militancy links,” he added.

Molla Farid Uddin, the bank manager, told The Daily Star that they are making preparations to file a case against the man.

Hailing from Morrelganj of Bagerhat, Siddique used to live at Bottola in Board Bazar area of Gazipur.

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