Eid holidaymakers stuck in tailback at Paturia ghat

Eid holidaymakers were stuck at Paturia ferry ghat in Manikganj this morning as they were caught in a 20km long tailback due to heavy pressure of vehicles ahead of Eid-ul-Azha, to be celebrated tomorrow.

Thousands of vehicles got stuck in the jam and have been waiting at the terminal for hours, reports our Manikganj correspondent.

Tanvir Ahmed, manager (commerce) of BIWTC, Paturia office, said ferry and launch services on Paturia-Daulatdia route are normal. Six, out of five, pontoons of Daulatdia terminal and all four pontoons of Paturia terminal are currently in operation, he said.

But gridlock formed on the Paturia side as number of vehicles has increased ahead of the Eid, he said.     

A total of 34 launches are operating on 18 riverways on Paturia-Daulatdia route and 16 on Aricha-Kazirhat route today, according to the BIWTC.

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