Don’t close dedicated coronavirus hospitals: GM Quader

Deputy Leader of the Opposition and Jatiya Party Chairman GM Quader today demanded the government retract its decision to close dedicated Covid-19 hospitals. He further said this move would put people at risk of death.

The influence of coronavirus still exists in the country, GM Quader said.

“It is unknown at this time when we will get rid of it,” he added while winding up his speech at the parliament today.

Pointing to the number of coronavirus cases in the country, Quader said, “Experts believe that if the number of coronavirus tests increase, the number of people infected and the number of persons who have died from the disease may increase.”

“In a word, I don’t really see any signs that coronavirus has decreased or has started to decline. In this situation, the only hope for treatment of common people is government hospitals. In the meantime, some government hospitals, which used to treat Covid-19 patients have suddenly decided to treat non-coronavirus patients.”

“As a result, patients are being forced to receive expensive treatment in private hospitals. Due to the inadequacy of the medical system, many people are not getting treatment here. Many are rushing from one hospital to another for seats.”

Saying that corruption in the health sector is tarnishing the achievements of the government, GM Quader said, “Irregularities and corruption in the health ministry is being reported in the media every day. But people do not know whether any action is being taken.”

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