All you need to know about Cricket World Cup Super League

The three-match ODI series between hosts England and Ireland, starting July 30, will mark the start of the inaugural Men’s Cricket World Cup Super League tournament. Here is everything that you need to know about the newly introduced league. 


What is Cricket World Cup Super League?

International Cricket Council, with its aim to increase the value and stakes of the bilateral 50-over matches, has announced the inaugural Men’s Cricket World Cup Super League tournament, commencing from July 30 with the first of England’s three-match ODI series against Ireland at the Ageas Bowl in Southampton. This brand new league that will take place across two years will help decide the teams that will feature in the 2023 World Cup in India. 

How many teams will participate in the tournament?

A total of 13 teams — 12 full member nations and the Netherlands who won the ICC World Cricket League Championship back in 2017 to earn the 13th place — will be participating in the league. The 13 teams competing this year are – Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Ireland, and the Netherlands.  

How will the qualification for the 2023 World Cup take place?

With 13 teams competing, one will be declared as the eventual champion. The top seven teams on the chart alongside India, the hosts, will automatically qualify for the World Cup. If India are among the top seven teams in the table — an outcome most likely to happen — then the eighth team will also qualify for the mega event. 

Will the five teams at the bottom get a chance to qualify?

Yes. The five teams at the bottom will then play the traditional World Cup Qualifiers, fighting for the remaining two spots for the 2023 World Cup.

What is the point system for the Super League?

The point system is rather simple. A win will count for 10 points and a loss will see zero points added. For a draw, tie and an abandoned game, both teams will be awarded five points each. However, the stakes of each game will be higher than ever as each point will matter, meaning there will not be room for dead rubbers anymore!

How does the whole Super League work?

With a total of 156 games to be played, the Cricket World Cup Super League is an important road map to the upcoming 2023 World Cup. Each team will play three ODIs against any of the eight other teams depending on the Future Tour Programmes (FTP). Hence, a team will play a total of 24 ODIs under the Super League rule. Four of those series will be home series while the other four will be away series. However, as the Super League, much like the World Test Championship, will be played according to the FTP, not every team will be playing against the same opponents or will be playing against each of the other teams. Doesn’t seem fair, right? Moreover, not all ODIs and series will fall under the Super League. It also may happen so that only a few matches of a series will fall under the league.


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