Slave and Slavery… : islam

Salam everyone. I came across an article which says that prophet Sulaiman A.S. was “Slave” of Allah… Just as several other references on “Slave of Allah”. Two thoughts: Is this the prime reason why slaves aren’t looked down in Islam the way it happens in other religion and culture… Not to mention, slaves even get […]

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UNROD chief calls on Bangabandhu

September 19, 1972 BANGLADESH UN TEAM NAMED A five-member Bangladesh delegation will be in New York during the General Assembly session of the United Nations which commences today. The five-member team will be led by Khurram Khan Panni, Bangladesh envoy to Jakarta. Since Bangladesh is not a member of the United Nations, it will have […]

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Dorothy Yates-McCathran : UnsolvedMysteries

More info from the family (Published ~Dorothy“Dottie “ Yates-McCathran (40) ~Vivian , Louisiana ~Last Seen by Husband on Tuesday,January 21, 2020 ~ Reported missing on Monday, January 27,2020 ~ Dorothy was last seen at her home in the 10000 block of Vivian Airport Road on Tuesday, January 21st by her husband. ~On Thursday ,January […]

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