Has anybody here heard of someone visiting someone else in a dream? I can’t find anything out about this online and am wondering if maybe someone here could shed some light on the subject for me? I’ve posted my experiences with this below. : mystery

I don’t know if other people have experienced this, but people tell me I visited them in a dream. Oddly enough, not always, but often I see them in my dream that night as well. It’s happened quite a bit. Very odd coincidence or what? I’ve looked online and can’t find any information about this […]

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The Corona Australis Molecular Cloud. Normally this Looks Like a Dark Blob in the Sky. But in Infrared, it Looks Like This.

The Corona Australis is a constellation in the southern hemisphere. It’s name literally means “southern crown.” One of its features is the Corona Australis molecular cloud, home to a star-forming region containing young stars and proto-stars. It’s one of the closest star-forming regions to us, only about 430 light years away. The ESA has given […]

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Bat Says Hi As It Hunts

Each night, small groups of a species called velvety free-tail bats emerge from their roosts in the Panamanian rainforests to hunt for their insect prey, using echolocation. “When bats are hunting, especially when they’re in open areas, they produce two really distinct call types. They have their “search-phase” calls when they’re just scanning the environment, […]

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Remember when we were told: “The Arctic Is On Fire, and We Should all Be Terrified”? It’s SNOWING there now.

From the “weather is not climate”, you идиот department comes this about face by climate change nature. Remember just a couple of weeks ago we were lectured to about the dangers of climate change turning towns around the Arctic circle into easy-bake ovens? As New York’s David Wallace-Wells wrote of one town that hit triple-digit temperatures on June […]

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