Holding O, A Level Exams: British Council gets govt nod

The government gave approval to British Council to administer Ordinary and Advanced Level examinations in October and November while students continue protests demanding the cancellation of exams amid the coronavirus pandemic. But education ministry officials said the approval was contingent upon several conditions, including holding those who were staging the exams responsible for any Covid-19 […]


Science & Technology

Sundar Pichai says Google is planning "hybrid" models for future work, to allow partial work from home as 62% of employees want to have that flexibility (Jennifer Elias/CNBC)

Jennifer Elias / CNBC: Sundar Pichai says Google is planning “hybrid” models for future work, to allow partial work from home as 62% of employees want to have that flexibility  —  – Most Google employees want to return to the office at some point, but not every day, according to a recent Google survey …

Space News

Asteroid Bennu has little pieces of Vesta on it

The asteroid belt is a chaotic place.  Things smash into each other, get thrown into completely different orbital planes, and are occasionally visited by small electronic spacecraft launched by humans.  All three things seem to have happened to the asteroid Bennu, which is currently being orbited by OSIRIS-REx, a mission launched by NASA in 2016. […]

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War News

Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials — September 23, 2020

Laura Trevelyan, BBC News: Is the world entering a new Cold War?The United Nations is marking its 75th anniversary as the post-World War Two global order which created it is on shaky foundations. Multilateralism is in serious disarray, as the former UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has observed. President Donald Trump’s America First foreign […]

World News

War News

Iran Says Its Drones Shadowed The Nimitz Carrier Strike Group In The Strait Of Hormuz

Iran Releases Images of USS Nimitz-Class Aircraft Carrier & Escorting Battleships, Monitored & Chased by IRGC Drones at Entrance to Persian Gulf — Fars News Agency (@EnglishFars) September 23, 2020 Navy Times: Iran claims its drones shadowed Nimitz strike group in Strait of HormuzThough the Iranians on Wednesday posted drone images of the Nimitz […]



Statistics in the Time of Coronavirus: COVID-19-related Nonresponse in the CPS Household Survey

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected data collection for the nation’s primary source of household-level labor force data, the Current Population Survey (CPS). In the first four months of the pandemic (March-June 2020) the average month-over-month nonresponse rate increased by 62 percent, while the size of newly entering cohorts declined by 37 percent relative to […]

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